About Little Ol' Me

  Well it all started 49 years ago, when I was a wee little thing. Before I was able to walk I was picking up clay and creating sculptures with amazing detail and painting them with the strokes of all the best...... NOT!

The truth......     I started Elemental Dragons about 20 years ago after watching a show on TV where she sculpted these whimsical dragons. After years of practice and sad little blob dragons, it as grown into my trade mark or calling card, Elemental Dragons.   About 10 years ago the pull into different art mediums grabbed a hold of me and I started creating some "interesting" creations and creatures.  Like my Tree Huggers and Zombie Heads.  

Years of craft fairs and online selling I have decided to let other people have a hand in what I do. So I started teaching classes as my new chapter. I would love to get a community together that can get messy, with a bit of  learning, with me.                                                              

I love to dabble in a bit of everything. Jewelry, wall art, resin, creatures of all kinds the strange and sometimes downright ugly (to some people that is).  Who doesn't love a Face Hugger?                                                                                                            

Want to know more?

10% off any item that is for sell, if you can name the movie that saying "Want to know more?" comes from AND for reading to the bottom of the page....Thank You!